Tai Chi

Bushinkai teaches Chinese martial arts including Tai Chi in the Wigan area. All ages and abilities are taught.

Our core system in Chinese martial arts is the Yang family Taijiquan

Tai Chi

Hilldale Village Hall
Chorley Road
Thursday: 7pm
Sifu David Keegan
Email: tai-chi@runbox.com


Tai Chi (also called Taiji Quan) is a classical Chinese martial art.

It is a very misunderstood martial art and in order for it to be authentic must come from one of the main family styles such as Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, or Hao.

In Bushinkai we mostly teach Yang style, with some tuition in Sun style, and Cheng Man Ching style (from student Tim Kelly).

Originally we trained in a school where the instructor had been taught by Professor Li De Yin, and this tuition covered Beijing Yang style and Sun style.

Now we are looking to the more traditional roots of the Yang style and in this pursuit have trained with the likes of Sifu Steve Rowe who trained in China with the grandmaster of Yang style Ma Lee Yang.

Sifu David Keegan is our Tai Chi headteacher and on top of his decades of study of other martial arts has dedicated much of the last 20 years to studying Yang style.


Shikon head Steve Rowe 8th Dan and Bushinkai head David Keegan 5th Dan