Japanese sword training

Bushinkai headteachers David Keegan and Simon Keegan pictured training in the Japanese Koryu (authentic Samurai period art) of Mudo Jikiden Eishin Ryu including with Japanese masters Tose, Yoshida, Iwasa and Demura. Pictures taken 2003-2017

Simon on Eishin Ryu grading panel
David with one of his teachers Renshi Lovatt
David with one of his teachers Hanshi Tattersall
Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu lineage
Copy of full system catalogue (Menkyo kaiden) given to David by Keiji Tose
David with Tose and Yoshida
David with Iwasa

Manchester: Karate & Jujutsu

Circle Martial Arts
Marlboro House
52 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1ED
Monday evenings: 8:30pm
Sunday mornings: 10:00am
Shihan: Simon Keegan (5th Dan Renshi Karate & Jujutsu)
Sempai: Philip Jennings
Email: simonkeeganmedia@gmail.com

Wigan: Tai Chi

Dalton school (Dalton St Michael CofE)
Higher Lane
Wednesdays and Thursday: 7:30pm
Sifu David Keegan

email: tai-chi@runbox.com


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