Biography of Tai Chi and Iaido headteacher David Keegan

Yinhu Wu Duan (5th Dan silver Tiger)
Deshi: Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu
Teaching Judo and Jujutsu students and instructors at the former GB HQ of IMAF
David Keegan is a Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) and Iaido instructor who has taught all over the country for many years. He began his martial arts studies in around 1959 and has studied both classical Chinese martial arts and classical Japanese martial arts, training with some of China and Japan’s highest ranking authorities.
With grandmasters Tose and Yoshida
David was born in Liverpool in 1950, known in China as the Year of the Metal Tiger. Growing up on council estates of Bootle and Kirkby he learnt how to defend himself the hard way, attending the same notoriously rough school as boxing legend John Conteh. David however opted for Jujutsu and started training in around 1959-1961. The association called the Lowlands Jujutsu was run by Sensei Jim Blundell and the class, at Southdene was taught by his brother Bernie. Around the same time, Allan Tattersall also began his Jujutsu training with the Blundells – and more than 40 years later Hanshi Tattersall taught David and presented he and a few select others with the Renshi title.
With friend and teacher Hanshi Tattersall
Reading and translating classic Taoist works like the I-Ching and Tao Te Ching, studying the Jujutsu method of EW Barton Wright (who studied Shinden Fudo Ryu in Kobe) he also trained with Liverpool’s first Karate club the Red Triangle. Serving in the military he also met a drill sergeant who taught him to use the Nunchaku. His work took him all round the world, working with Prince Charles and the King of Morocco to setting up a business in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, there he became fascinated in the art of Tai Chi.
In China 1980s
In the 1980s, he taught his son Simon basic Karate and Jujutsu and when Simon began competing in Karate in the mid 1990s. David joined a local Tai Chi club. There he trained for 9 years with Yang style and Sun style world champions, learning various Chinese internal forms, training under Chinese grandmasters and winning trophies in competition.
In 2002 he was accepted into Japan’s Kokusai Budoin (IMAF) where he studied Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu under many different instructors including Iwasa Hidetoshi, Keiji Tose, Ryosaku Yoshida, Elizabeth Noissier and John Lovatt. He trained alongside Karate teacher and stickfighting expert Bob Carruthers who later awarded Dave his 4th Dan.
During his 3rd Dan grading with Reiner Parsons
Dave trained alongside Bob Carruthers and was awarded 4th Dan by him
Dave also trained and graded up to 3rd Dan with Reiner Parsons whose Goju Ryu was heavily influenced by White Crane Kung Fu. Dave and Reiner would teach each other and had a mutual interest in Chi Kung. Dave taught Judo, Aikido, Karate, Muay Thai and MMA fighters his Tai Chi system, teaching on seminars all over the country. He also trained in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu with Hanshi Tattersall and was presented with the gift of an Iaido kimono and a Bu kanji on gold leaf (that is the logo on the front of this website).
Dave performed a demonstration of Chinese sword at a big Liverpool event in 2012 for Alfie Lewis and has performed katana at Japanese cultural festivals.
David also trained on seminars with Sifu Steve Rowe who trained under the grandmaster of Yang style Tai Chi, Ma Lee Yang and in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. Dave was awarded 5th Dan in 2013. He has studied many other martial arts systems and old styles including Shaolin and the Ba Duan Jin and practises with various older Chinese weapons including the Bien (metal whip).
With Sifu Steve Rowe

Wigan: Tai Chi

Dalton school (Dalton St Michael CofE)
Higher Lane
Wednesdays and Thursday: 7:30pm
Sifu David Keegan



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