Wigan Tai Chi classes for 2017

Tuition is in Yang style Tai Chi and associated exercises. Curriculum currently includes:

  •  Beijing 8 step Yang style Tai Chi form (Wednesday nights)
  •  Beijing 24 step Yang style Tai Chi form (Thursday nights)
  •  Yang style straight sword (Jian)
  •  Ba Duan Jin exercises (8 pieces of Brocade/tendon stretching)
  •  5 Animal exercises (Wu Qin Xi)
  •  Shaolin breathing
  •  Tai Chi ruler and Bian (single steel whip)
  •  Other forms are part of the wider curriculum including Yang style Long Form (88 step), Cheng Man Ching form and Sun style form (comprised of Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Pakua)

Class is taught by Sifu David Keegan, an experienced teacher in both Classical Chinese Martial Arts and Classical Japanese Martial Arts of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school (he holds the grade of 5th Dan Renshi).


Wigan: Tai Chi

Dalton school (Dalton St Michael CofE)
Higher Lane
Wednesdays and Thursday: 7:30pm
Sifu David Keegan

email: tai-chi@runbox.com

Read the history of Yang style Tai Chi.



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