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The Bushinkai Academy welcomes members irrespective of experience. Our students range from absolute beginners to experienced Dan grades with decades of experience.


Beginners like the mature, friendly classes and the common sense approach to martial arts. And experienced martial artists find that they can build upon their existing skills with the insight we provide.


Classes include:

Manchester (teaching Karate, Jujutsu, Kobudo)

Wigan (teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung)

Isle of Man (teaching Aikido)

For full class details click here.

A seminar with Sensei Fumio Demura
A seminar with Sensei Fumio Demura

We are affiliated to the Shobukan Karate Organisation, Skikon Martial Arts, and via Shikon to Karate England and the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts; and via these groups to world governing bodies such as the International Karate Union and the International Wushu Federation.

Manchester: Karate & Jujutsu

Circle Martial Arts
Marlboro House
52 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1ED
Mondays: 8:30pm  (first class October 17 2016)
Simon Keegan 5th Dan Renshi

Wigan: Tai Chi

Dalton school (Dalton St Michael CofE)
Higher Lane
Wednesdays and Thursday: 7:30pm
Sifu David Keegan


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